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Politics in the News

Current news stories interpreted in the context of American Government and Politics

Foreign Politics: Read these articles for insights into the unusual nature of American politics

Britain's Blair sets date for new elections: Polls indicate Labor landslide
U.S. elections are scheduled according to planetary motion; most elections elsewhere depend on politics.
Presidential Politics: Some recent articles on the Bush presidency

Bush Picks Industry Insiders to Fill Environmental Posts
Voting for president, is not just a choice between persons, it's a choice between competing teams of elites
Bush Would Win Recount of Disputed Ballots
But it depended on which votes you counted.
Ideologies: The typology in our text is reflected in today's politics

Needed: Catchword For Bush Ideology; 'Communitarianism' Finds Favor
The "communitarian" label in our text, used for Bush
Crisis Forces Bush to Balance Clashing China-Policy Camps
The difference between libertarians and conservatives in international affairs.
Freedom v. order: Examples in the news

Owner Stirs Furor, Razes $12 Million Historic Home
When North Shore liberals are on the side of order.
Europe's View of the Death Penalty
A New York Times editorial explains how Europeans are puzzled by our "peculiar institution."
Freedom v. equality: Examples in the news

Focus on Farms Masks Estate Tax Confusion
Should the government play a role in distributing wealth?
Globalization: Interconnection among nations and effects on national sovereignty

Europe Making Sweden Ease Alcohol Rules
The European Union forces Sweden to change its laws regulating the sale of alcohol
Federalism: Decentralized authority permits regional interpretations of order

Quebec Law on French Signs Makes Some People Gag
Under Canada's federal form of government, French-speaking Quebec tries to protect the provincial language
Majoritarian Democracy: Government should be responsive to public opinion

Given choice, Mississippi wraps itself in rebel stars
The people of Mississippi decide in a state-wide referendum
The Media: Does private ownership lead to a "vast wasteland"?

'Vast Wasteland' Speech Still Holds True after All These Years
The famous speech of former FCC Chair Newton Minnow, NU graduate and Life Trustee
MTV Ratings Soar Off Gross Humor, Sex -- and That's Just the Tame Stuff
Freedom of expression in the media: A test for Liberals and Libertarians
Pluralist Democracy: Interest groups enjoy access to decentralized government

Battle Lines Drawn over Energy Plan
This article mentions six pro-business groups squaring off against four environmental groups.
It's Daley vs. Sugar Lobby to Save Jobs
Do you know that the government controls the price of sugar in the US? It's classic pluralist politics.